Argon in the Atmosphere in Winona

It is well known that the air on Earth is made up of multiple gases, oxygen and nitrogen having the highest amounts. Yet Argon is another gas that is generally not as recognized as other atmospheric gases, however has proven itself to be just as important across multiple industries.

Argon is an inactive, neutral and unscented gas that only inhabits approximately 1% of the Earth’s atmosphere. Even though the concentration of Argon is not as ubiquitous as Nitrogen and Oxygen, it is consumed across multiple industries. In museums, Argon has traditionally been used for historic preservation. Historically significant articles, like the Declaration of Independence and the Magna Carta, are conserved using Argon. Unlike Oxygen, Argon does not decay the paper or ink of these, especially delicate texts. On the opposite spectrum, in the welding industry Argon is utilized as a gas shield for arc welding.

Given the many uses for this gas, there remains a constant demand for the substance. Because of this, specialty gases like Argon are typically sold in smaller capacities and containers.

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